Paul Sherman
User experience researcher.
Designer. Educator.

I’ve worked with startups, SMB’s, and enterprises in many domains – fintech, security, accounting, e-commerce, and more.

I’ve also made a few resources for the UX community. They’re published under the Creative Commons 4.0 Sharealike license. Enjoy and share!

UX Tools & Resources
The UX Kit

Resources and an implementation guide for hiring a UX team and incorporating UX processes into organizations.

UX Project Planner & Tracker

A tool for documenting a user experience effort so it provides stakeholders with visibility into the project.

Daily Research Recap Template

A template to quickly communicate research results to team members and stakeholders.


User Research

I help your team gain an in-depth understanding of your target users' workflow, goals, and constraints. This enables better decisions about product and feature strategy.

UX/UI Design & Testing

Web sites, web-based applications, mobile apps and more. My partners and I excel at business applications, ranging from products and services for small businesses to enterprise-level products.

UX Coaching & Training

Everything from introductory user experience to advanced topics like accessibility, designing for user adoption, UX strategy, and how to build UX competencies and processes in your organization.


I work with top-notch partners for larger projects.


International user research. Web and mobile UX/UI design.


Hardware devices & IoT management applications. Medical & healthcare.

The Creative Group

Accessibility evaluation. Mobile & web application development.


Some selected projects to show how I work with teams.


Just a few of the clients I’ve provided UX services to.

Let’s Talk.

I’m looking forward to creating great user experiences with you.