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User Research, Information Architecture, Workflow, Interaction & Visual Design

Elder Care Assistance Web-Based Service


This shows our ability to work collaboratively with startups on a greenfield, new-to-the-world product and provide the business with usable and learnable designs.


Cariloop's mission is to empower people to take control of their own and their family members' care and service choices in an easy and informed way. They came to us for help designing the crucial signup and onboarding experience as well as the content search and curation workflows.


After conducting interviews with the stakeholders and several potential users of the service, we identified our primary user personas, set out our design principles, sketched and iterated workflows, identified key data elements, and storyboarded the main user flows.

Our design principles were meant to give the users a sense of control and a feeling that they were supported by the service in their service for elder care.

An early take on our design principles. Nothing beats paper or a whiteboard!

Our final design principles.

Next we defined and iterated the initial workflows. First on paper, then on screen.

Then we moved on to wireframes and high-level definitions of key page and field interactions. The site IA came together at this point as well.

After a round of user feedback and prototype usability testing, we moved to final designs.


The service went live in early 2015. See it here.