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User Research, Information Architecture, Workflow, Interaction & Visual Design

Web-Based Inventory Ordering & Management Application


This showcases our ability to solve knotty workflow and information display problems, understand user needs, then represent them in final visual and HTML/CSS/JavaScript deliverables.


This client came to us to help unkink their aging desktop application's workflow and information display issues while moving to a browser-based application.


Our first task was to document and understand the worfklows using task analysis techniques. Then we conducted remote interviews to understand how users incorporated the application into their tasks and where they experienced pain points.

Next, we worked up simplified box-and-arrow workflows, medium-fidelity wireframes, and storyboards to show how the simplified workflows would be represented with screens.

Rapid sketching and iterating with the client and representative users.

We went back to a group of representative users to validate the redesigned workflows and gather feedback about the information displayed in the wireframes. During this phase we also reorganized the information architecture, selected a more usable and responsive navigation method, and tested these with users as well.

After iterating the various pieces of the design based on user feedback, we applied an on-brand visual design and provided the client's engineering team with production-ready HTML/CSS/JavaScript and an interactive style guide for the major elements of the design.

High-fidelity iterated wireframe example.

Some examples of the final visual design.


The application entered service in late 2014.