Don’t Make Me Register First

It’s 2014. Does anyone running an ecommerce site really think it’s a good idea to make people register for an account before allowing them to shop? I mean c’mon, any e-tailer with a lick of sense knows about lazy registration and guest-only checkout, right?

Not this company.


Here’s how I found this gem: while wasting time on Facebook I noticed an ad for mid-century furniture and (gasp) actually /clicked/ on an ad. First time I can remember doing that. And you know why I did? Because we’re actually shopping for furniture right now and we like mid-century stuff.

Here’s the ad:


It’s attractive. I wanted to shop there. So I clicked it. But when I was brought to the site, up pops a modal dialog with no escape hatch. It was either sign up or leave. I left.

Online retailers: This is a bad user experience. Don’t do this. If you do, I guarantee you’re losing customers and money.

Hi Again

Consider this the relaunch of UsabilityBlog. I’ve been meaning to get back to it for months. Enjoy.