Field Research at the Speed of Business

Better late than never: I’m speaking at UX In The City in Oxford England this week. My talk is about doing user research at the speed of business. Blurb below:

Field research: to many it’s the gold standard of user-centered design. Want to learn more about how your current or prospective customers think, work, live and play? Go observe them.

If you’re early or even mid-career, organising, carrying out and analysing the results of field research can seem daunting and time-consuming. This tutorial will provide you with information and resources you can use immediately to start conducting insightful and effective field research.

You’ll be provided with an overview of how to advocate for, carry out and drive organisational decision-making with field research. There will be tangible takeaways, including,  a field research project planner, data collection document, and a sample visit profile template.

I’ll post a link to the slide deck after the session. More here: Field Research at the Speed of Business