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Field Research at the Speed of Business

Better late than never: I’m speaking at UX In The City in Oxford England this week. My talk is about doing user research at the speed of business. Blurb below: Field research: to many it’s the gold standard of user-centered design. Want to learn more about how your current or prospective customers think, work, live […]

Now Available: UX Research Daily Recap Template

Here’s another resource that I wanted to share with the UX community: it’s a template and example for a daily research recap. I created this template as a way to quickly communicate research results to team members and stakeholders on a daily basis. One of the more important lessons I’ve learned during my UX career […]

Now Available: UX Project Planner / Tracker Template

UX’ers, I made a thing for you: I finally finished version 1.0 of an open source UX project planner / tracker template I’ve been working on. I created it as a tool to document a user experience project in an efficient and collaborative manner, as well as give clients/stakeholders visibility and accessibility into various aspects […]

Good Article On Why We Still Need Personas

While reconnecting with my colleague Jan Moorman, now a UX researcher at Walmart eCommerce, I found an article she and another practitioner wrote about personas. The main points definitely bear repeating: Half-baked and research-free personas can do more harm than good. To be truly useful, personas should be based on actual research and should focus […]

Ethnography At The Speed Of Business

Here’s a talk I gave at the UX Akron meetup a few weeks ago. It’s all about how to move fast when conducting field research to discover user needs for new features and products. Enjoy. Ethnography At The Speed Of Business from Paul Sherman