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UX Kit: Updated For 2017

Here’s something for UX’ers and people who hire and manage UX’ers: I’ve updated the UX Kit for 2017. I originally created this document as a guide for product management and development teams that wanted to incorporate user experience research and design practices into their processes, but weren’t sure how to do it. Over the past […]

Resource: Rapid Contextual Innovation Process Guide

A few months ago I updated and released a process guide for implementing a rapid contextual innovation program. Because I value open culture, I’ve released it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The guide includes an overview of how organizations can conduct ongoing rapid innovation using UX methods and product management best practices. […]

More On UX And Innovation

Sarah Bloomer, founder of UX Managers Circle, just published my article on using UX research methods to set up and drive rapid contextual innovation programs. This is basically a continuation and expansion of the topics I covered at the UX Strategies Summit in June. My main point, and I’m quoting myself here, is this: UX […]

Workshop Presentation: Embedding UX Into Your Processes

I was fortunate to be asked to run a half-day workshop at the UX Strategies Summit this week. The goal of the workshop was to provide attendees with perspective and tools to take a strategic approach toward embedding user experience practices and processes more deeply into their organizations. Enjoy.   Workshop: Embedding UX Into Your […]

The UX Kit Has Been Updated. Get It Now.

I’ve updated the UX Kit with some good stuff. What’s new? How about: Updated all the UX position descriptions. Added two new position descriptons – UX Strategist and Content Strategist / Information Designer. (At long last) Added a section discussing how UX and Agile processes can work together. Updated the salary info per the 2014 […]

Workshop & Talk At UX Strategies Summit

I’m excited to be speaking at the UX Strategies Summit, coming up June 9-11 in downtown San Francisco. I’ll be running a workshop and giving a talk. The workshop is almost full – 8 seats left – and I’d love to see you there. Workshop: Embedding UX Processes Within Your Ideation, Design, Dev and Release […]